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h,The forests, covering a large portion of the hillsides, provide numerous leisurely circuits, be it for walking or for mountain biking.  Grâne is one of the departure points in the the French Cycling Federation’s mountain biking area “Vallée de la Drôme Diois”.  The circuits of all levels of difficulty offer 110 km of trails, enthusiastically managed and maintained.  The small subsidiary roads winding across the commune are well known by the cycling tourists who brave the exceptional slopes, particularly those found between Grâne and Mirmande.  Also, the diversity of hiking paths invites you to discover the different hamlets of the commune.












Mountain Bike Circuits:
Grâne is one of the departure points for the marked mountain bike circuits within the “Vallée de la Drôme-Diois”.  The six circuits begin at the square Champ du Mars, in front of the sign “Informations VTT” and follow the road to Roche sur Grâne.  The direction of circulation was established by the circuit’s creator so as to have nice downhill rides, without having to push the bike up the slopes.  The circuits are given intersection by intersection (italicized and in quotation marks in the text), in accordance with the new signalization by the Drôme’s General Council and the pictograph of mountain bike circuits.
These circuits total 110 km in the woods and hills of Grâne.  Many distances and levels of difficulty are offered.

 3.6 km, 40 min, over 50 m of elevation change EasyBeginner’s circuit. 
From the “Place du Champ de Mars”, head towards the “Pierre Sanglante” via the route de Roche, towards “Les Tennis” and “Plaisance” on a nice downwards trail.  Then at “Plaisance” (view of the fortified farmhouse), return towards “La Planche” and “Grâne” via a small path, somewhat technical, in the forest.  After crossing the stream’s narrow bridge where you can glimpse the trout and follow the banks of the stream, bike back up through the village, via the alleys and the Grande Rue at the foot of the steeple

17.2 km, 2 hours 30 minutes, over 400 m of elevation change Intermediate
Rolling and shadowed, to be taken by the family, this gentle climb is shadowed up until the hamlet “Combemaure” (follow “Les Tennis, Plaisance, Le Filan and Balastier”).  Then continue towards “Tranfo” and “Forillon” via a beautiful forested trail.  Return towards “Grâne” on the nice trails, with a great view of the Prealps of the Vercors.

19.9 km, 3 hours, over 480 m of elevation change Difficult
Undulating, beautiful panoramas. 
Head towards the “Pierre Sanglante” via the trail “Bois de la Dame” after a steep climb near the third kilometre.  A barely perceptible climb to the “Pierre Sanglante” leads to a panorama of Montélimar’s plain.  Then head towards “Forillon” via a beautiful forested trail until “Guercy”, where a short, steep climb will lead you to “Trémoulet”.  From there, return to the village via the region’s characteristic hamlets.  

24 km, 3 hours 30 minutes, over 650 m of elevation change Difficult
Undulating, beautiful panoramas.  Head towards the “Pierre Sanglante” via the trail “Bois de la Dame”, located after a steep climb near the third kilometre.  A barely perceptible climb to the “Pierre Sanglante” leads to a panorama of Montélimar’s plain.  Then go to “Forillon” via a beautiful forested trail.  From there, head towards “Val Brian” on the nice trails until “Radisses”.  There’s a beautiful, technical slope to “Monchaud”, a short, steep climb near “Courcousat” and “La Coste”.  Return towards “La Planche” and “Grâne” via “Les Freydières” and the banks of the Drôme River.

38 km, 4 hours 30 minutes, over 850 m of elevation change Very difficult
A greatly varied trail having beautiful ups and downs and diverse panoramas of Montélimar’s plain, the Prealps of the Vercors, the Ardéche Mountains and the Drôme Valley. 
Go to the “Pierre Sanglante” via the trail “Bois de la Dame” and enjoy the panorama of Montélimar’s plain.  A steep climb around the 3rd kilometre, a downhill stretch at the 5th kilometre towards the stream La Grennette and another steep climb up towards the “Pierre Sanglante” via “Les Micoulaux” and “Le Manchet”.  After “Voie N° 2”, there’s a slight technical variation before climbing back up towards the “Pierre Sanglante” and the panorama.  Then go to “Forillon” via a beautiful forested trail.  From there, head towards “Val Brian” on the nice trails until “Radisses”.  Head towards “Mt Brian” on the nice but sometimes rocky trails.  At “Brian Sud”, amongst the boxes, there is an abrupt drop in the direction of “Serre Avolas” and a beautiful path towards “Landon”.  From there, go towards Subsidary Road 104, then climb back up towards “Fonds de Brian”.  After a little pushing, take the passage to “L’Adret”, head down towards “Val Brian”, through the woods and the scrubland. Go towards “Freydières” and “La Planche” and “Grâne” via some nice trails.

14.9 km, 1 hour 45 minutes, over 50 m of elevation change Easy
Fun trails to discover the flora and fauna at the natural reserve of Ramières along the Drôme River.  From the “Place du Champ de Mars”, head towards le Lac via “Les Tennis”, “La Digue” and the “Grands Prés”.  At “Freydières” return towards “La Planche” and “Grâne” via some nice trails


Map of Mountain Bike Circuits 1, 2, 6

Map of Mountain Bike Circuits 3, 4, 5







Walking Circuits:

9 km, about 2 hours 45 minutes
Departure from Val Brian’s IME (4 km to the west of Grâne, towards Loriol).  Beautiful walk between an old convent and Mount Brian (Mont Brian), mirador over the Rhône and Drôme valleys all the way to the Vercors and Diois. 
From the parking lot, cross the IME towards the south, direction “Parpaillones”, “Monchaud” and “Pied de Courcoussat” on a nice trail that becomes a path towards “Brian Nord” (this takes about 35 min).  From there, it’s possible to take a round trip to the summit of Mount Brian.  Continue on from “Brian Nord” towards “Fonds de Brian” via the downhill path in the underbrush.  Leave the nice trail for a path on the right, go down to the houses that you keep to the left by taking a path that climbs up to “L’Adret”.  There, stay to the left, climb a bit further to discover the former grounds for cereal threshing with a grooved roller.  Go back to the nice trail, and then pass to the right, walking along the field.  In its opposite corner, take the downhill trail to the IME’s parking lot.

11 km, about 3 hours 15 minutes
Departure from the hamlet Malaire (3 km to the south-west of Grâne – head towards Loriol, 1 km from Grâne take a left on the road opposite Prieuré).  A Prehistoric, Middle Age hike through Grâne’s hillsides. 
Head south towards “Grivier” on the nice trail that slopes and then climbs.  Once at the houses, take a right on the rocky trail 500 meters further down towards “Forillon”.  Stay on the climbing macadam until a big house on a flat stretch.  At “Forillon”, head towards “Besse” on the nice trails and the path to the hamlet, 500 meters after which you will come upon “Chapelle Saint Julien”.  300 meters further, leave the macadam for a nice trail that leads down to the road.  There, take a left on the nice, northerly trail.  At the road, head east, cross one intersecting road before heading back up towards “Moutiers”, just after crossing the stream.  From there, take a right towards “Malaire”, through the spruces on nice trails that give a view over the village and the Prealps of the Vercors. 

25 km, about 6 hours
Departure from the square Champ de Mars.  Between the “Bois de la Dame”, formerly the Poitier’s property, and the “Pierre Sanglante”, which separates 3 cantons, several legends still haunt the woods. 
Head towards “Les Tennis”, then “Coucourde”, passing through the campgrounds and gardens.  A bit further can be seen the perched, botanical village, Chabrillan.  From “Coucourde”, head down through the underbrush to “Pont des Sensouzes” until arriving at and crossing the road.  At the bridge, climb up towards “Bois de la Dame” on a trail.  Then go south on the Bois de la Dame trail until the “Pierre Sanglante”.  Go several meters towards the belvedere overlooking the Valdaine plain.  At the “Col de la Pierre Sanglante”, go to “Darne”, “Serre de Darne” and “Limite”.  From there, go through the woods to “Faret”, climb the trail to “Le Roc” and “Les Moellons”, where there’s a lookout over the hamlet Combemaure, the Prealps of the Vercors and Devoluy when the visibility is good.  Then go left to “Trémoulets” via the nice trail towards the bed and breakfast.  Above the second house, take a right on the path through the beech and chestnut trees.  At the signpost “Trémoulets”, take a right on a forested path that passes near some old charcoal stoves towards “Verrière”.  Then go to “Balastier” and take a left on the road, go about 800 meters towards “Le Filan”, then “Plaisance”.  After having crossed the stream La Grenette at “Plaisance”, go down the trail on the left towards “La Planche”, following the stream towards “Grâne”, crossing the alleys of the village. 

8 km, about 3 hours 30 minutes
The departure point is located on the Roche sur Grâne road, about 3 km from the Syndicat d’initiative. It’s the first path on the right after the “Liard” quarter.  A hike across the Sensouzes woods on beautiful goat trails.  A peaceful walk.
From the “Pont des Sensouzes” take a right towards “Bois de la Dame” on the climbing trail, then towards “Sensouzes” and “Voie N°2” via the Bois de la Dame path.  From there, go left towards “Serre Jalat” and “Le Fraysse” on a downhill path.  Then take the downhill road to the hamlet “Les Micouleaux”, go left towards the sheephold and “Le Chaffal”.  There, after the house, climb up through the woods towards “Les Chaffaux” and “Le Guot”.  Meet back up with the “Pont des Sensouzes” via a beautiful trail that passes near a goatkeep.


Map of Walking Circuits 40, 41, 42, 43


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